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Turns out Huckabee has the same hunter-karma as I do, viz.:
"Two-Buck Huck", by Timothy Egen (NYTimes; January 2, 2008, 11:33 am)

"The rap against Mike Huckabee [...] is that he’s too inexperienced to be president, too naïve — a rube straight out of Dogpatch.

Few of Huckabee’s critics have actually come out and said what many of them think. The language is coded, as it usually is with class and race in this country. [These] pillars of Old School Republicanism have signaled that Huckabee is Not One of Ours. But they’re careful to say it’s not about class, because, of course – it is!

Class war is forbidden in the Republican playbook. But Huckabee [...] has forced the Republican party to face the Wal-Mart shoppers that they have long taken advantage of. [...] Huckabee revels in the class war. He’s Two-Buck Huck, and darn proud of it.

He and his wife lived in a trailer for a while, he points out. His son killed a dog one summer, “a mangy dog” at that, as Huckabee explained to the befuddled national press corps. He said he used to eat squirrels, cooking them up in his popcorn popper


At the root of all the sniping at Huckabee, he sees a common cause. Some powerful Republicans dislike him, he said on the “Today Show,” because “I’m not one of them.”

Woaaa up there there just a minute! Huckie et our mascot?
Well dang ... I'd uh never et a squirrel. But, fact is, I've shot more than my share. Gophers, too.
And blackbirds ... numbers beyond counting. Now funny thing is, them I et. But cooked over a camp-fire; no popcorn popper for me!

Yessir, it's quite the world we've got ...
... while the Dems are struggling with their attachment disorder, on the other side of the swamp the pointy-haired suits are going to go gunning for Huckie, all the while smiling like ... well, smiling like pointy-haired suits.
Karma ... yessir, you just gotta have an appreciation for phenomenal world, ayup.

Sounds like business as usual to me ... except, yuh know, things are starting to get talked about, and that ain't slim pickin's! (You want slim pickin's, cook up a mess o'blackbirds ... that's slim pickin's. Now, squirrels? *shudder* That, I honestly don't know ... can't say ... but I'd guess yaa, more/less the same. hehh!)


Let's get down to nuts&bolts! hammer&tongs! brass tacks! Let's talk it up! (see my "Many2Many)



I was twittering, as much to myself as to those who read my tweets now and again. I went like this:

Woa ... Obama sounds comfortable with a slightly MLKJr cadence ... right relaxed / at ease.
If Obama's #themeword is change, what's Huck'ie's so far?
Chinese horoscope has it wrong ... I say, in my position as KC:/CT that 2008 is year of Earth/BrownMouse.
"Mouse" symbolized /courage/ ... it's gotta sneak right up close and rub whiskers to /know/ ... true warrior; cautious, inquisitive.

"With calloused hands" Reminds me of "In Flander's Fields" ... "To you from failing hands we throw the torch" [sic] ... but, really, tell me about calloused hands. At 120lbs, I was out with cutting pulp a chain-saw to feed/house 5 kidz, 3 cats, 2 dogs, horse, pony ...

And when tomguarriello called out "Coincidence that a preacher and a preacher-like speaker won tonight?" I came up with this: The ophistic cynic would answer you, ''Beware of those who come clothed as preachers'', but I'd say, ''Let word match deed!'' (with credit to Confucius)."


21:33MST 03JAN08

Nathan Eckenrode aka n8k99 spake thusly:

@bentrem is to be Our Minister of Political Strategeries and Unfortunate Misspellings
To which I replied:
n8k99 heh; clehvur owhl yu ahr! (I need alt for "eagle eye" ... I am bear / taurus / horse, but not eagle/hawk)

[It was in chat with n8k99 / Nathan that the name for this site arose from the elements we were toying with: from Earth/Brown to "LowFlying" through "We need more air as balance" to what we have here now. --bdt]



Who sez whot?!


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